Sunday, November 22, 2009

Very first post!!

WOW! this is very new and very exciting to me as I write my very first post on my very first blog.  I have intentionally created this blog to share my cooking recipes and expiriences with the world, as well as mixing a bit of my life and my self into it. . .

So I would first off like to say that I wrote out beautifully written paragraphs about myself. Unfortunately computers do not always do as you please and the screen had passed out before I could simply press the save button. Therefore everything was lost and now I must attempt to remember my words that I have written...
This blog is coming from a suburban girl who is trapped inside a blistering cave known as Houston, Texas. Fortunately I have been able to travel the world to know that there actually is breathing and living life amongst the delicious and sophisticated cities such as the city of New York and all of their many coffee shops, the citrus scented markets of California, the restaurants filled of pasta and only more pasta in Rome, and the sweet, sweet, savory feelings when one bites into that oh so tempting sugary scone in a little cafe on the corner of Paris, France. So yes, I am aware that Houston feels quite small in comparison to these extravagant places that are well known for their food. Yet I am here to break through and be known as that girl from Texas who has such a strong passion for cooking.

Aside from cooking and baking, I also have a strong passion for art and music. My inspirations come from many unique museums (as well as battlefields, hah!). And for music, well I am an extreme concert junkie and have an intense passion towards music. As I am not an instrumental girl, I have recently decided to attempt to learn to read music notes, and that one day my fingers too will be able to move so gracefully over the dainty black and white keys that blend so well together to form a little something known as music.

Before i babble on more about myself i would simply like to say THANK YOU.
"My Blue Box Blog" was created by inspirations from other bloggers who so dearly love sugar, butter and kitchens. I want to genuinely say thank you to all the online cooks and bakers who have contributed and shared their very own recipes through the World Wide Web and blogging community. It is now my time to make a contribution back to the online networking community as I share my very own works through lots and lots of food and art.

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