Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Grill Out (Jalapeno Burgers)

Hm, so where shall I start today? Shall I start with two teenagers frantically running from aisle to aisle trying to find all the ingredients before time has run out, or shall I go with a more calm approach by saying the hamburgers were oh so delightful? Well, I could easily ramble on and on about these hamburgers making them sound so perfect and this and that being perfect, but then I would be lying. First off, time was crunched into a small four hour block (and yes, that is not much time when waiting for bread to rise!), then by the time we got the grill to work, to Blake's surprise all outdoor lights were broken and he was forced to grill with a faint flashlight dangling above by my shaky hand. And finally all time was put into the burgers that only about twenty minutes were put into attempting to savor every bit of hard work until we had to be rushed off to an indoor soccer game. Even though the day went by fast, I do not regret a single second.

Blake is the master griller and all credits of the burgers must go to him. As he was preparing these spicy and richly packed burgers, I was right by his side attempting to make hamburger buns for my first time. (A post on those will be up shortly.) I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when watching him make the burgers "sandwich style", but I had to put my faith into his hands that he would create mouth watering burgers where my friends would be begging to come back for more. And yes, Blake was right for these were some of the best burgers I have ever tasted! No joke, they were filled with juices and spices and were purely amazing. They are true mouth watering burgers, with the freshly sliced tomato and perfectly hot jalapenos and jalapeno pepper jack cheese. These burgers are to die for and I will definitely be seeing them again in my near future. . .
3 lbs ground beef
jar of hot, sliced jalapenos
burger seasoning
worcestshire sauce
4 slices jalapeno pepper jack cheese
separate the ground beef so it will make a total of 8 burgers. take one of the burger patties and separate it into two. Pat them down and round them to desired consistency of a patty. Layer jalapenos on top of one Pattie and then sprinkle with burger seasoning. place the other Pattie on top. "smush" edges together to make one complete hamburger patty. Pour worcestshire sauce over all over the patty and allow it to soak into burger by refrigerating for a little while until ready to grill. Before grilling, coat the top of burger with seasoning again and then grill to desired perfection! (If adding cheese, put on top near end of grilling time to allow cheese to melt on top of patty.) Add condiments and enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for your comment, and you're right blogging is consuming. Your burgers look delicious :) I am now following you so I'm looking forward to seeing more recipes!