Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Not-So-Dreadful Break From my Blog (Skiing in Colorado)

As it has been stated I am a girl from Texas. In other words I am a girl that lives hand in hand with heat, Mr. Sun, heat, Mrs. Humidity, and oh did I mention heat? And sadly in my lifetime I can easily remember the exact days, where I exactly was, and what I was exactly doing on the three days that it has snowed in Houston, Texas in the past seventeen years. Yes, in 6,205 days it has snowed a whopping 3 days here in Houston, Texas. (And that is even stretching it considering the snow only falls for a few hours out of those days. And that is even if you would like to consider calling it snow considering as soon as it hits the heated sidewalks, the precipitation instantly changes into water.) So to no surprise I was expecting a not-so-white Christmas this year. But, thanks to some lovely friends I was able to experience a white New Years (and I'm talking at least a foot of white and not the "fake" almost half an inch white.)
On December 29, 2009 I was forced to put away my computer and say good bye to my blog for an entire week. However, in exchange I experienced the ultimate trip of my entire life. Now yes, this trip was amazing because I got to experience snow as well as snowboarding and skiing, but no trip is ever fun alone. And this was definitely the ultimate trip of my life because I not only got to spend it with Mr. Handsome, but his wonderful and amazing family and friends as well. From the hot tubbing in the snow to cooking warm Spaghetti Carbonara in the cozy log cabin, and from the long but short days of skiing to the endless hours of game nights; Winter Park, Colorado was packed down with not just a white blanket, but lot and lots of happy hearts and warm laughters. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and truly did make this the ultimate winter vacation.

As I have experienced snow for I am a traveler and am not completely shunned from the majority of the world, Winter Park was truly a "Winter Wonderland" with isosceles dangling from roofs and snow topping each and every Christmas tree.

The view in Winter Park was simply stunning, and I could easily go on for hours describing every little detail of the most splendid vacation, but then the blog would become miles long and take days to read let alone view my many two hundred pictures taken over a total of seven days. However I do not mind bragging a bit about this fairy tale vacation, because yes, it was just that amazing. The food was superb,(each night a different group would cook some of the most exquisite food I have tasted in a long, long time) the skiing was frustrating at first (well at least snowboarding and the last mountain I went down, ha!) but was all worth it in the end for the adrenaline and excitement could not be resisted, the snow tubing was breezy and cold along with exciting and all around a blast, and simply being with such wonderful friends was indescribable for pictures could not even capture all the splendid and pure joy that spread from smile to smile to smile and yes, more smiles.

This blog post in not only for me to boast on and on about such a wonderful vacation that I was gratefully invited to by such amazing friends, but also to say thank you to those for absolutely everything and for taking me on one of my favorite and most fun trips of all times.
(And I am sorry Blake, but I just could not resist adding the picture of us in our matching Winter Park jackets :)

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! We missed you in Houston though!