Friday, April 16, 2010

From The Garden (Herb and Springtime Salad)

Are you getting sick of all the salads I keep posting? Well I hope not, because my love for salads is far from dead. In fact, my salad exploration continues to grow as I find new ingredients to mix with a few green leaves to create a spectacular, exotic tasting salad. This is by far my best and favorite salad yet, because the flavors are an absolute juiced explosion. The corn and peppers make this salad bright, colorful, and extremely flavorful livening up any spring salad. On top of everything, I even added a few fresh herbs from my herb garden to add a slight texture and give the salad a hint of extra pizazz, which I believe, tops the dish off quite beautifully. (And might I add how excited I have been lately as I watch my garden continue to grow and grow and grow! It makes me so happy!)
handful fresh spring mix lettuce
hadful fresh romaine lettuce coarsely chopped to bite size pieces
half cup cherry tomatoes halved
one fourth cup thinly sliced almonds
one third cup cold, cooked corn
half orange (or any color really) thinly sliced pepper (seeds not included...unless you would like)
few leaves Finley chopped parsley
handful leaves finely chopped chives
parmesan cheese, grated
a basil and herb dressing
in a salad bowl toss everything together and then add dressing right before serving. Serve, and enjoy! (UM WOW CAN YOU SAY EASY?!)

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