Friday, April 9, 2010

Giada De Laurentiis Book Signing

On April sixth, twenty ten Giada De Laurentiis came to Houston, Texas for a book signing on her recent cookbook, Giada at Home which includes all family recipes from her homes in Italy and sunny California. This was my first ever book signing to go to, and it was nothing like I had expected! I had absolutely no idea the line would swerve around blocks and blocks for a near mile. I also did not expect to be standing in that never ending line for almost two hours only for Giada to sign my book and have a sentence long conversation lasting a whopping 30 seconds. But wow! It was completely worth it! I absolutely LOVED every bit of the entire event! My mother, neighbor, and I left our house around four that afternoon to arrive in the luxury side of town known as River Oaks to stand in a line filled with armature chefs, food junkies, and book lovers while enjoying the sun shining weather and Giada's at home appetizers.
My mother was nice enough to provide the cookbook and ticket for me in order to meet my favorite television chef as well as have her sign it exclusively to me, Megan Brown. (So thank you so much mom for everything. It truly was a wonderful experience that will not be forgotten! And I love you for that as well as having the patience to wait around all afternoon with me!)
The book signing event was held at Sur La Table, a nice little cooking store located on the corner of West Gray street near the downtown of Houston. The service there was exquisite as people walked around with platters of Giada's crostini appetizers and drinks. It was very well organized and everything (thankfully!) ran smoothly as managers prepared our books and led us through the maze of cook ware to the back of the store where Giada was signing lots and lots of her cook books.
This here is Blake, which could be said he became our friend after walking the line multiple times passing out samples of Giada's at home appetizers and stopping each time to allow his photo to be taken exclusively for the Little Blue Box Blog. (I have to admit I became a bit embarrassed to keep taking photos, but my mother insisted and I just could not pass up this opportunity without having any photos to blog about and share with my fellow readers!) Thankfully my mother was persistent, because in the end I always do thank her for that, because now I feel my blog post is complete with insight, details, and pictures of the book signing with Food Network's Italian chef, Giada De Laurentiis.  

Above is a photo of the inside cover from her new book with her one and only signature as signed with a kiss and a hug addressing it to me, Megan. As I approached her table, I felt like a child picking out that one special ice cream from an ice cream truck, because I was just so happy and giddy inside that I almost (but luckily I held my composure) went star struck at yes, a chef! She was even more beautiful in person and looked so happy to be signing books for her all her lovely fans. However, there was one disappointment overall. . . the mean lady who stood next to Giada forced everyone to walk about six feet away only to take a NO FLASH picture. Which was quite a bummer considering even on zoom I could barley see her through my lens and thanks to the "NO FLASH" rule every picture turned out blurry. (Not like it matters, because one would have to squint their eyes really really had to be able to spot Giada in my photos. . . it would almost be like playing a "Where is Waldo?" game. Ha!)
And to wrap up the book signing event, the line only continued to stand around for many more hours after I had left content and happy with my book and signiture in hand. :-)

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