Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies Galore!

Once again I am blogging about Christmas cookies! That is because Christmas is the time that my family will make lots and lots and lots of cookies. My grandma and I made a total of five different kinds in one day! (And that is not even counting the four different kinds that she brought with her.) So yes, I am going to have to admit that my family and I are obsessed with Christmas cookies and baking, and when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED! I may make the cookies in bland Houston, Texas, but these cookies have expanded my horizon to some of the greatest measures. These cookies come from all over, such as Switzerland, Germany, my grandmother's good and trusted cook book, and even from her best friend as a little girl.

A whole entire day was set aside simply for baking cookies with my grandmother. Yes, I could have easily done them on my own, however this is Christmas time and baking is always more fun when done with your partner in crime. (Yes, that is you grandma, for I am not the only one who makes flat moons or crooked fingers!) Also, she has been baking these holiday traditions way longer than I have, and she does know best.

Our Christmas cookies are stored away in many adorable little tin boxes to give them the whole antique and traditional look. However, they are not stuck hiding in a box for long since by the third or so day our cookie collection dwindles drastically as they soon move from boxes to stomachs. Every year we create some of the same cookies, however each year they all tend to turn out a little different than the year before. However they turn out, I know one thing, it is always a joy to learn and bake with my lovely grandmother. (Or am I just saying this because I know she reads my blog? Ha! I am kidding grandma, and you know I love you!)

So from my family to yours: may your Christmas be as lovely and yummy as ours! Merry Christmas

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  1. All of these cookies really were a hit after we were "so full" from dinner last night! haha I tried them all and the "moon cookies" are still my favorite :) Keep cooking!