Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Mornings With Scrambled Tomato Eggs :)

I love Weekends. Especially this one and not only because my mother was up early in the kitchen arousing the house full of sweet, sweet smells, but because it was simply a  beautiful and sunny day. I can not recall a morning in the past four months where I have woken up and not needed to bundle up in scarves and mittens just to walk down stairs. (Which might I add, is totally and completely not normal for a Texan! Also, this comes to show that even in cold mother continues to keep the heat OFF! But I still love you mom!) Therefor this morning was perfect; the sun was finally shining below my house and everyone was just so happy. The mornings are also so critical for making the entire day a happy one. I believe one's attitude when they wake up will reflect on their perspective of life through out the rest of the day. Therefore, what better way than to start the day off with sunny scrambled eggs with tomatoes and fresh cheddar cheese?
two handfuls of grated cheddar cheese
four eggs
one tomato diced
2 tablespoons milk
pinch of salt and pepper
Crack all four eggs into a small bowl and beat together. Add milk salt and pepper and continue to beat until all mixed together. Turn on medium sized skillet to medium-high heat, and spray with a butter. When warm pour eggs over skillet and move around until 80% cooked through to make the scrambled eggs. Add the tomatoes and then the cheese. When scrambled eggs are soft and not over cooked, and are perfectly done, take immedietly off heat. Serve, and enjoy!

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