Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Poor, Poor Plants

Times have been grim and dull here at the Brown household. Feet sulk past one another dragging with zero posture as the monotone days begin to blend into each other and the calendar is no longer a necessity. Before long, it can be sure that the Grim Reaper will appear any moment now, and a big, stretched limo will arrive shortly after to escort the bodies into a deep, blue pit.
Okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but seriously, I think I have recently gone into a short term depression. My once lovely little parsleys, basils, and chives, have been murdered by the plant devil; Vinegar Water! Everyday before I leave for school, I make sure to check on my little herbs that I have nurtured from seedlings to now (or shall I say once?) strong and full growing plants. According to all environmental greenhouse growers, the beginning stages of a plant must be carefully observed and well taken care of. Therefore, I always made sure to give at least six hours of "sunlight" to my little plants, and I always made sure to water them just enough to quench their thirst. However, on one specific day that will no longer pass by without being forgotten, I noticed a clear, purple spray bottle nestled silently beside my herbs. To my joy I came to think that my mother had decided to help me out by putting a spray bottle near my plants so I could easily spray them versus occasionally (and on accident at that) drench them with an over sized water jug. Ten minutes after I sprayed the herbs and. . . poof. They were gone. The once tall, and strongly growing herbs had now become sickly skinny drooping over the sides of my pot.
Panic arose within! I had no idea what I could have possibly done to hurt such a precious little plant. And that is when I noticed the label on the side of the spray bottle. . . Vinegar Water. My life was now over. I was doomed forever. I had murdered my own plants that have only lived a short two months! How could this be? How could I have been so stupid as to not read a label?
When it finally came to me. . . some one who is so strongly against fresh herbs and healthy eating must have set me up! But who could it be? This is a mystery that has yet to be solved, and the culprit still roams my house silently. I can picture the culprit laughing instinctively with their evil cackle ringing through their ears as they read my blog and smile over the fact they have beat me and my herbs out. Well this part is to you, my evil vinegar water plotter:  The games are not over, and I will succeed on with new herbs yet again! Mua ha ha ha!


  1. hahahahahaha

    the culprit... darn vinegar.

  2. My drama child! I'll get you some more plants at the nursery this week!

  3. megan ... you are such a DRAMA QUEEN!