Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Break From Cooking (Painting with Blake)

It has been expressed that I enjoy many hobbies besides baking and cooking. Painting has begun to spark an interest as I have been inspired by my grandfather, many deceased artists, and some one special known as Blake. He paints for a small hole-in-the-wall store, Phoenix Rising, and is brilliant at what he does. On one particular day we had decided to put our imaginative and right sided brains together to create what we call our very own master piece out of mostly acrylic paints and a whole bunch of random techniques founded by Blake (or was it Hue's grand idea of adding shiny foil to dull paintings? Hah!)

Our painting started off as any other standard painting Blake does with deep orange and red strokes. It is a very neat technique that is used, however I saw it as a little blah and ordinary. As bold as I may be I just couldn't bring my self to telling him this, so I did what I knew I could. I took a dark blue and attacked the canvas. From that moment on, he painted his way and I painted mine. Somehow we managed to collaborate and blend together and this is what we came up with; mixing the warm with the cool, the geometric with the organic, and all in all, going with our gut instincts.

This is the start of the many paintings we will do together, as well as a new way of expressing our personalities (how they are so similar yet contrast greatly!) through a few worn out and stiff paint brushes and near to empty paint bottles. :) P.S. I spy a shiny butterfly. . .

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  1. My favorite post haha! I love all your ways of comunicating with me without telling me exactly what your saying! (butterfly)...