Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making a Recipe as we go...("Chocolate" Macaroons)

As my grandma puts it, we made these cookies at "the seat of our pants". I think she was trying to say we didn't really have a recipe and just went with it. Somehow what came out of the 320 degree (or was it 200 degree? I don't even know we changed it up so much!) oven were these "chocolate" Macaroons. Now I say "chocolate" because we had intended to make them taste very chocolatey since we had not yet made a Christmas cookie with chocolate in it. But, when we tried them, they didn't fully taste chocolatey. They had more of a nutty taste and a hint of chocolate. Actually, the more I think about it, I can't quite put a distinctive taste to these cookies, all I know is they are GOOD! and worth making again! (That is if I can figure out the exact recipe...or I will just have to make them again "on the seat of my pants".)

So here is the part where I usually describe how great and how wonderful the food taste. But this is a special cookie, because all I know is that it taste very good. Yet I can not quite explain this unique taste because it is simply that; unique. It does taste like a classic macaroon and looks like one. It has a bit of crunch while soft and almost chewy in the middle. The center of this cookie will quickly melt in ones mouth as the outside shell with sit for a while letting one enjoy this "unique" and scrumptious dessert.

300g or so, or about half a bag or maybe 1/4? of ground nuts (ground by food processor is best) *we used pecans... i think? Ha!
3 egg whites or 4
200 to 250 grams or about 2 or less cups sugar
about 1/4 or less bag of semisweet chocolate chips ground as much as nuts are (depending on how "chocolaty" you would like)
2 or was it 3 or more? tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
LETS COOK! (or attempt and pray it turns out as good as mine!)
whip together egg whites and add sugar. Beat together for about 10 min or maybe more or less. Slowly add ground nuts and chocolate and stir together until all mixed in as a dough. Using two spoons make an oval and put onto sprayed parchment paper on a cookie sheet. bake on around 270 to 325 (depending on your oven and your ingredients and all) for about 20 min and until cookie its hardish on outside yet soft on inside

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