Monday, December 21, 2009

(Shh!!) Family Recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara

So this recipe has been in my family longer than I have, and it must be one hundred percent credited to the most wonderful grandfather out there. This is his specialty, in which has now been passed down to become mine as well. I have always been so fascinated as a little girl that he could easily throw such a lovely pasta together with out a recipe to look at and having it all in his head. It amazed me so much, that I wanted to be just like him. I grew up standing behind the kitchen counter watching his every move as he would vigorously chop up the onions and add alcohol to a family dinner! As I grew older, I too learned how to make this pasta by memory thanks to my grandpa. It has become my favorite dinner as well as my family's as well. We keep Spaghetti Carbonara a special dinner item by serving it only on special occasions such as birthdays, dinner parties, celebrations, and welcoming home events.

No side dish is necessarily needed for Spaghetti Carbonara for the main course is rich and filling enough from the creamy egg sauce that is cooked by the spaghetti pasta itself, and sweet bacon caramelized by the finely chopped onion. Each bite is thick and tasty and filled with such extravagant flavors. Not only is it one of the most wonderful and best tasting dishes any one has ever had, but it is just lovely to serve to others for it creates quiet a show when presenting the dish to friends and neighbors. This makes a lot of pasta, and one may assume there will be left overs, but by the end of the night it is guaranteed that plates will be licked clean and there will be one giant empty bowl left on the kitchen table.
one box of regular spaghetti
one package of thick, uncooked bacon
half (or a little less) of regular sized white onion
few sprigs of fresh parsley (give or take about 4 or so)
five eggs
about 3/4 cup or more fresh ground parmesan cheese
one cup white wine
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
In a large bowl crack all eggs and then add cheese and roughly chopped up parsley. With fork, beat eggs and mix together to create sauce. slice up all the bacon into bite size pieces and add to frying pan over medium-high heat with the oil. Then, do a rough to small chop of the onion.(make this a coarse chop, but you also want the onion to be in very small pieces) When bacon is about 1/3 way cooked add onions to the pan. Fill large pot with 3/4 way of water and add a handful or so of salt and let pot come to a boil. When onion and bacon is almost but not all the way cooked, add the wine and bring heat back down to a low. Let simmer and have wine reduce most of the way. (by the time the wine has almost completely reduced its size, the bacon should be crispy, and thoroughly cooked through). Add spaghetti and cook about 13 minutes or until Al dente. When bacon mixture is complete, add to the giant bowl of the egg sauce. Drain pasta and add to the giant bowl as well. Mix until all elements are completely and thoroughly combined.  Garnish with fresh parsley on top and sprinkled parmesan cheese. Serve warm, and enjoy! (Also, this is even better as left overs and heated up in microwave!)


  1. This was soooo yummy Megan, Carbonara is one of my favorites! Thanks so much for cooking for us.

  2. Megan...
    Your blog is so creative. All of your recipes are so cool and it looks like you have found your passion! Make sure you have us over for dinner soon! I want to try some of these amazing meals!
    -Lexie H.