Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fourth Way, Fourth Sandwich

Remember the other day when I blogged about three sandwiches that can all be made together because they are so similar? Well I have also created a fourth that is similar yet very unique on its own. The difference: I did not toast the sandwich and added even more delicious ingredients than before. I sauteed the tomatoes so the juices oozed out around the entire sandwich and added an avocado spread to bring spice and pazazz to the sandwich as a whole. This sandwich is so versatile as well as my other three and so extremely easy that it definitely tops a plain PB&J. (Which in fact I believe might even take longer to make than this wonderful vegetarian sandwich!) Therefore, I believe it is time to step up a typical sandwich and say heck with the norm! It is time to add whatever one's desire to the center of bread and call it a day. The goal is to please one's mouth, and why not do it their way? So here on this sandwich I have put whatever my creative mind desired, finished it off with a top slice of bread and now call it my own version of some type of vegetarian sandwich. And it is GOOD!
Thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese
baby romaine lettuce
thinly sliced tomato
pinch of sea salt
thinly sliced cucumbers
tablespoon olive oil
light caesar dressing
whole wheat flat bread
Over medium heat add olive oil to frying pan and saute the tomatoes only until they become soft and juices are about to ooze. Sprinkle with salt and turn off heat. Mash up a bit of avocado and spread onto bottom slice of bread and then spread a little dressing on top of that. Add cheese, cucumbers, lettuce and the tomatoes. Cover with other slice of bread, serve and enjoy! (Or add whatever your little heard desires and enjoy!)

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