Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Love Of Breakfast (Egg-In-A-Hole)

Blake and I spent the weekend away at Lake Conroe, and when breakfast came, supplies were limited to eggs and bread. So then of course we had to make an egg-in-a-hole! Now that is what I have grown up calling this delicious comfort food consisting of pure eggs and bread. I mean the name only makes since considering it is literally an egg in a hole. But Blake debated saying the name was too literal and not nearly as fun as what he grew up calling it; cock a doodle doo? or something like doodly doo. . . or well, I don't really remember because to me it made absolutely no sense! (Sorry Blake!) Therefore we compromise, calling it by my name but making it his way. (I usually make it more "runny" and not so dispersed. . . I think my way would of made for a better picture but that is okay! Just looks like I will have to write another blog about version two.)
Egg-in-a-holes or doodly doos or what-ever-you-call-thems are so fun to make as well as a wonderful way to start the day off! It is practically like eating toast with an egg spread versus butter or jelly. Therefore, I am concluding that Egg-in-a-holes are much better with protein and less saturated fats that it will give off more energy  to get the day started. The center is pure egg in which can become a sunny side up egg or fried and then the yolk spreads across the entire bread giving each bite a wheaty crunch yet a smooth run. I absolutely love bread and eggs for breakfast and it can only be said that it is a family fave. (And for those jelly lovers, well to create an egg-in-a-hole, one must cut out a small circle in the center thus there is a remaining little piece of toast which is still good to eat with jelly. Very cute and very chic.)
Ingredients: (to make one)
pinch of salt
freshly ground black pepper
one egg
on slice of toast
with a frying pan over medium high, spread butter onto pan. With a small round cup (or anything to cut out a SMALL hole) cut the center of the bread. Place both pieces onto the frying pan and crack an egg into the center. With a fork kind of "pop" the yolk and spread it among all of the bread. Let cook almost all through and then flip the bread letting it cook until as runny or as hard as you would like the egg to be. Take both pieces off and apply jelly or what not to the small round toast. Sprinkle salt and pepper or the egg-in-a-hole, serve and enjoy!

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