Saturday, March 6, 2010

Figuring Out Things As I Go. . . (Baked Eggs with Potatoes)

First off, I would like(scratch that) LOVE to say thank you to all my devoted online readers who take the time out of their schedules to read such a blog about an amateur's life through food and simple enjoyments. To my giddy surprise Little Blue Box has reached the triple zeros in a mere four months. It blows my mind that somehow this blog has reached the ends of New York, across the sea to England, Australia and the United Kingdom, up to Michigan, Washington D.C., back down to my home state Texas, and who even knows where else my little blue box has been shipped off to. I feel that I am finally beginning to live my dream of simply getting my voice heard across the world wide web, and proving to my self that all dreams can be reached and goals are set for reasons. So to this I clink my glass and say cheers, and to challenge those reading;  to pass the box around the table continuing the cycle of sharing the little pleasures in life.
And now to what I love to do most; write on and on and on about the joys of food until my fingers go numb and the play list on itunes has repeated its self nearly five times. As I listen to Ingrid Michaelson and Matt White, I can't help but just feeling so happy about life. Their music is pure and blissful, and maybe I shall just write about them rather than my latest dinner dish? This is almost truly a hard decision to make, but for now I shall stick with my first and foremost favorite passion- food. I found this recipe through a blog site while viewing endless blogs on a slow and dreary day. Somehow, this particular recipe caught my eye and forced me to read on about it. Maybe it was the fact that eggs were to be eaten with potatoes, or the fact that I was going to bake an egg in an oven for the first time if I chose to forgo this splendid recipe. I thank my eyes for gazing at the site now, for this was such a simple yet absolutely outstanding and delicious recipe that I know for a fact I will be making more in the near future. However, I did not have many of the ingredients that it called for and MEAT (yes, MEAT!. . . GASP!) was involved in the original recipe, therefor substitutes had to be made and ingredients had to be changed up to make it my own version. So below is a recipe that I created, yet was formed around another food junkie blog which was only intended to be shared with other world wide web food junkies such as myself, and know to my faithful followers.
2 eggs
3 tablespoons of skim milk
5 cooked new potatoes
3 tablespoons of freshly grated white cheddar cheese
A small handful of finely chopped flat leaf parsley
Preheat your oven to 400F. Take out a small serving dish. Dice the potatoes into bite-size pieces.
Neatly place the potatoes into the pan and pour milk over. Crack an egg into a small bowl and pour over one side of  the potatoes. Do the same for the other end of the pan. Season with a little salt and pepper and top with the cheese.
Bake for 15 minutes or until the egg is just set. Wrap foil over the pan and bake for about 5 to 10 more minutes or until eggs are thoroughly cooked through. Serve, and enjoy! (Serves about 2 to 3 people)

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  1. yum, this looks so good. this is my first time visiting your blog, and I can already see why you've grown so much. i really like your writing style. And your pictures are so nice :)