Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Sandwiches, Three Ways

Spring Break may have started over half a week ago, but today is the first day I feel that I am actually on vacation to enjoy the lovely spring time. The sun has finally decided to awaken behind the dark and dreary clouds and shine down upon the beach blankets and herb gardens. Today is such a beautiful day out that I feel I am back in Paris with my family walking along the endless numbers of parks enjoying the outdoors and fresh produce markets. Yet, surprisingly I am right here in my suburban home in Houston, Texas planting flowers with my mother and sister as well as adding a new member to my own little garden; parsley. We are three similar people, yet three very different people when it comes to life as well as food. Today I was in the mood to make a fresh and delightful lunch that I knew all three of us would enjoy, so I made lovely little sandwiches. However, our taste buds are not identical so I made three similar sandwiches yet three very different sandwiches. And here I am to share three different recipes that all correspond and are very easy to make all together: one for a vegetarian, one classic sandwich, and one with a little something added.
Ingredients: (to make all three)
thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese
thinly sliced white cheddar cheese
freshly ground pepper
thinly sliced cucumber
light caesar dressing
thinly sliced mushroom
thinly sliced and grilled chicken breast
whole wheat flat bread
LETS COOK! (we are making three sandwiches the way I made them, but they are so versatile you can make them however you want!)
Put oven on a broil. Open up three flat breads and place insides up on a cooking sheet. On all three place cheeses and on two add chicken and on one with chicken add mushroom. Broil in oven only for about five minutes or less or until cheese melted and bread lightly toasted. Remove from oven and on all three add cucumbers and on the opposite ends of the bread spread a little bit of dressing and place on top to make a sandwhich! Goes great with a fruit salad, serve and enjoy!


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  2. I'm loving these sandwich posts! Mostly because they're so underrated. The fresh ingredients you used are mouthwatering, I've yet to make a sandwich with cucumber but it sounds like it'd be refreshing and tasty.