Monday, March 15, 2010

Mixed Everything Salad

I love salads. And it is as simple as that. I can not go for more than three days without craving fresh lettuce and simple ingredients that somehow all correspond with one another to create something so simple yet so delicious; a salad. Salads are so versatile for they can be a main dish or simply a side. They can become a picnic fave with bright fruits, or a mexican fiesta with tortillas and beans. Salads are formal beginnings or casual endings. I just love how salads can never be over rated for the varieties are endless that new creations of such are ordinary. So yes, I think I have made my self clear that salads are one of my favorite things to throw together as well as eat!
So as long as I can remember (or as long as I have been watching Food Network and discovered such thing as arugula), my mother and I have been on a quest for arugula everywhere and anywhere in our neighborhood. For months this hidden little treasure could not be found. . . until my mother entered a local grocer's and finally spotted Ms. Arugula! She may have been hard to find, but now that she was captured she was then brought back to the Brown household to be used in many ways. We first off started by mixing arugula up with other lettuces to create this absolutely amazing salad, and she then moved on to bigger positions in life such as the prime topping on a vegetarian pizza (which the posting will soon follow). Therefore, thanks to Arugula, this is probably one of my most prized salads that is for sure an award winner! (That is if it were ever to be entered in such contest. (I can see it now. . . the "Who Can Make Arugula Taste The Best Contest")Yes, sounds fabulous!)
pinch of fresh ground pepper
1.5 cups organic baby spinach
1.5 cups organic arugula
1 cup hearts of romaine lettuce
.5 cup dried cranberries
2 hard boiled eggs sliced
4 tablespoons black organic beans
2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese
basil herb dressing
In a salad bowl add all ingredients, mix together, serve and enjoy! (um..can you say salads are the easiest dinners to make?!. . . SO SIMPLE on a busy-running-around kind of night!)

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