Monday, March 8, 2010

Mexican Night! (Vegetarian Cheese Enchiladas)

It was fiesta night at the Brown's house as we celebrated well...nothing in particular! But my grandparents were over and so of course lots and lots of food was involved in the process upon their arrival.! Therefore, it is completely safe to say how lucky of a granddaughter I am to have spent my Sunday night in the kitchen with some of the best San Antonian cooks in all of San Antonio, my grandma and my grandpa.
Things began to heat up as we all were in to impress one another and make a spectacular dinner for the whole family to enjoy. Three generations of women were cooking aways on the enchiladas while I was also making a fabulous, six star dessert with my grandfather, all while my dad and his lawful dog kicked back against the couch for ABC's evening news with a beer and salted peanuts. (typical weeknights. . . hah! :)
Not only do I love these enchiladas because everything always taste better when made over a few laughs and lots of love, but because my mother and grandmother showed their love for me by making sure that all ingredients were vegetarian friendly. (And I truly do thank them for that!) These cheesy enchiladas were truly delightful with all the cheeses, sauce, and corn tortillas. (Which corn tortillas aren't just better for you, but taste better than flour too!) They may have come out a bit messy when served, but that is why I love cooking for family over friends to impress. . . they don't care about the looks as long as it taste good! And the enchiladas were no disappointment.
can of vegetarian re fried beans
can of mild, chopped green chilies
bag of corn tortillas
pack of cream cheese
about half cup or more grated white cheddar cheese
large can mild enchilada sauce
mexican style four cheese (comes in a bag grated)
preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. In a small frying pan, heat small amount of canola oil and add tortilla frying each side for a few seconds. Once both sides are slightly fried, place on paper towel and add a small amount of cream cheese, white cheddar cheese, 1/2 tablespoon of the beans, about a teaspoon of the chilies, and wrap tightly up. Place wrapped tortilla inside a serving dish. Repeat until serving dish is filled. Pour enchilada sauce on top of tortillas (as much as desired) and cover the top with the mexican cheese. Bake about 15 min, serve and enjoy!

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